About the Photographer

Yes! I am both an actor and a professional photographer.

Yes! I do my own headshots. My photographer knows exactly what I'm thinking!

Yes! I know what its like to be in front of the lens.

Yes! I actually studied photography and assisted great photographers for many years before I started my photography business.

Yes! You should talk to your agent or manager about the looks you need and ideally consult with a stylist. If none of these options are available to you, I can help you with wardrobe. I've worked with fashion designers and shot fashion so I understand the right wardrobe is essential in telling a story.

Yes! I retouch all of my photos.

Yes! I shoot with a digital camera.

Yes! I can do full body and 3/4 shots.

Yes! I recommend professional hair and makeup for women and men.

Yes! You should be acting in front of the lens. I watched many celebrities do so for their headshots and PR photos. Not pose or put on a show, but ACT. There will always be a part of you in there.

Yes! I will act with you. That's one of my favourite parts of doing headshots. Its fun and the results are rewarding.

Yes! If you have preferences or ideas I'm willing to try them out.

Yes! If you don't like something you CAN say so and we will find what we can change so you love it.


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